July 27, 2018

Millenium Pipeline, which is supplying natural gas to CPV, has completed construction and received the final certificate to operate on July 9th.

CPV Valley Energy will begin the final testing and commissioning phase on natural gas. The tests that need to be performed are schedule to begin on July 27rd - August 25th.

Some of the tests that need to be performed will be done on bypass mode which is louder than the normal operating mode of the plant and therefore will only test between the hours of 7am - 7pm. The tests being run on bypass are listed below:

August 7th - Tuning 1st Gas Turbine
August 8th - Tuning 2nd Gas Turbine
August 10th - Steam Turbing will be Running
August 17th - Steam Turbine Trip Test
August 19th - Re-Fire  Turbines for Performance Test
August 25th - Finish Performance Test

All other tests performed, not during the above dates, will be done via normal operating mode and therefore may run 24 hours. 

All dates are subject to change. We will update the website with changes.

Throughout this commissioning and startup procedures, we experienced noise levels higher than anticipated. We have, and continue to be in
constant communication with CPV to identify and reduce the unacceptable noise. 

CPV is working with engineers and various manufacturers of equipment to come up with ways to reduce the noise levels. They are currently installing sound insulation on various components and have more sound reducing plans in the works. 

They have committed to work with us until the plant noise is at an acceptable level. 

If you have a noise complaint please call 877-355-7010.


CPV Emergency Action Plan - The worst case distance under any conditions would be 800 Meters from the 4 corners of the facility. The residents affected would be notified by the county code red or the FEMA IPAWS program. To view a map of the areas within the 800 meters, click on the link below. Anything within the red circles would potentially be shelter in place unless otherwise directed by emergency personnel. 

CPV Response to City of Middletown's February 23, 2018 Letter 

CPV Emergency Action Plan Map 

Public Comment / Questions Response from March 5, 2018 Meeting 

NYS DEC Sampling Results - 

State Permit Resolution - Passed April 5,2018