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Hon. Nicolas Chase

Town Justice

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Hon. Shawn R. O'Connor

Town Justice 

phone retro 16 (845) 355-5700, Ext. 1
fax 16 (845) 355-5750

house yellow 16 80 Ridgebury Hill Road
     Slate Hill, NY 10973  

Court Clerk Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:30pm
Closed on Holidays



ALL Vehicle & Traffic Court is currently CANCELED.                                                                                                  

Please fill out EITHER part “A” (plea of guilty) OR part “B” (plea of not guilty) of your ticket(s).

You may mail or drop off ticket(s) to the Court Clerk’s Office at the above address.

Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:30pm (CLOSED ON HOLIDAYS)

If you plead guilty, you will receive a fine notice by mail.

If you plead not guilty, you will receive a letter from the Prosecutor by mail.

*Please note: The date on your ticket(s) is a PLEA DUE DATE ONLY, no other action happens on this date.

Please allow approximately 8 weeks for the Court to process.                                          

If your address changes, please notify the Court immediately.


ALL Criminal Court is currently being held VIRTUALLY                                                                                               

Please contact either the Court or your Attorney with your email address


Vehicle & Traffic Court Times
Vehicle & Traffic, Civil Cases, Small Claims, Code Violations, Arraignments:
          - Mondays @ 5:00pm (except holidays)

          - 2nd   Thursday of the Month @ 3:00pm
          - 4th      Thursday of the Month @ 5:00pm

**Phones are NOT answered during Court or after the Court Clerk's office closes at 3:30pm**

Court Drop-Box  

The Town of Wawayanda Court has a locked drop box within the court room. This drop box is for the convenience of the public to drop off traffic violations in the event the court is closed. 

Traffic Ticket Information (Misdemeanors*)

If you are charged with a MISDEMEANOR*, you MUST appear. (* Transportation Law & Tax Law tickets may plea by mail.)

Traffic Ticket Information (Violations)
It is not necessary to appear in court on the date listed on the traffic ticket. Simply enter a plea of either Guilty or Not Guilty on the ticket and mail the ticket into the Court on or before the date listed. Be sure to include your correct mailing address.                                                        

  • To plead "Guilty" fill out Section A and mail the ticket to the Court. You will be notified by mail the amount of the fine and the date on which the fine is due.
  • To plead "Not Guilty", fill out Section B and mail the ticket to the Court.  You will be notified of a court date by mail.


        Before You Enter Courtroom

  • Proper and respectful attire must be worn (no shorts, tank tops, halters, flip flops, etc.).
  • No food or drinks in the courtroom.
  • No gum chewing.
  • Cell phones must be turned off.
  • Disruptive children will be excluded from the courtroom, no exceptions.
  • Talking and disruptive behavior is prohibited and will result in   immediate ejection from the courtroom.        

When You Appear in Court
Be prepared to pay fine(s) with cash or credit card if a fine is assessed. Personal or company checks will not be accepted! 

 Forms to help you represent yourself in New York Courts

Legal Aid Phone# (845) 291-2454

Need directions to the Town Hall?             


To Pay Online: (a convenience fee will apply) this service is provided by nCOURT
To Pay by Phone: call 1-888-912-1541 ( a convenience fee will apply) this service is provided by nCOURT

The court is open Monday to Friday 9 am - 3:30 pm. You can still make payments online and over the phone. Please Note: NOT ALL SUSPENSIONS CAN BE PAID ONLINE

You can call the Wawayanda Court Clerks -  Monday to Friday 9 AM - 3:30 PM  They are available BY PHONE to answer your questions 845-355-5700 Ext. 1

Contact Us

80 Ridgebury Hill Road
Slate Hill, NY 10973
phone retro 16 845-355-5700


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