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Assessor's Office

Responsibility of the Assessor's Office

The Assessor's Office is responsible for the placement of fair and equitable assessments upon each and every property within the Town of Wawayanda. Every property within the town is periodically inspected. The data regarding the physical characteristics is gathered and maintained in our database. Items such as style, year built, size, age and condition are maintained. This information is updated any time there is a physical change in the property. In addition, it is the responsibility of this office to maintain and update all ownership information regarding each parcel. This office is also responsible for administering exemptions for wholly exempt purposes, veterans exemptions, agricultural exemptions, business improvement exemptions, aged exemptions, disability exemptions and the Enhanced Star Exemption for resident homeowners age 65 or older of one, two, and three family dwellings. In addition to these functions, it is also the duty of the Assessor's Office to annually provide for a grievance period where taxpayers can contest the assessment on their properties. Learn more about What an Assessor Actually Does

Assessor's Open Door Policy / Grievance Procedure

We have an open door policy. If you feel your assessment is incorrect, please make an appointment with the Assessor prior to Grievance Day to discuss your concerns.  If you are still not satisfied, you may go before the Board of Assessment Review on Grievance Day to plead your case. See the Board of Assessment Review's webpage for additional tips and information.

Please call for an appointment and submit the following application to the Town Assessor with proof of why you feel your assessment is incorrect. The burdon of proof is on the homeowner. You must submit a recent appraisal or a list of comparable homes that have recently sold in the area. The assessor's office has a recent sales book available for the public to view. 

Assessment Roll

2024 Tentative Assessment Roll

Previous Final Assessment Rolls

Download Links: 2023  2022 | 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017

Assessment Information

Uniform Level of Assessment 2024:    44.60
Last Revaluation: 2000
Number of Parcels in Municipality: 3229

Prior Year's Residential Assessment Ratio's for Wawayanda

Important Dates to Remember

January 1st Property Tax bills, county, town & highway, special districts and library (Middletown school only) mailed out by town tax collector

March 1st Taxable Status Date, filing deadline for ALL exemptions

May 1st Tentative Assessment Roll date and assessment changes mailed to property owners. Assessment Roll available for review.

Fourth Tuesday in May is Grievance Day This is the last day to file a formal appeal with the Board of Assessment Review.

July 1st Final Assessment Roll filed

September 1st Minisink CSD and Goshen CSD school tax bills mailed out by school tax collector.

October 1st Middletown Enlarged SD school tax bills mailed out by school tax collector.

Property Owner Change Of Address

Please notify the Assessor's office of any mailing address changes. All mailing addresses for property owners are maintained in the assessor's office. This database is used to mail your school and property tax bills, as well as any correspondence from the Town of Wawayanda, Orange County, and the State of New York regarding your property. Please fill out the Change of Address Form. You can drop it off at the Town Hall, mail the form, or fax it. 

Request for Combination / Merge of Contiguous Properties

Property taxes must be paid in full on all parcels.

The current ownership of all parcels intended to be combined must be absolutely identical, and all parcels must be physically contiguous or across a public or private road or right of way. Parcels must be in the same school district, town, or village or not split by another parcel. Request for Combination / Merge of Contigious Properties Form

Estimate of Taxes

If you are requesting and estimate of taxes for a shed, deck, pool, addition, New Construction Home etc.. Please fill out the Estimate of Taxes Request Form. Please fax the form to 845-355-5752 or drop off at the Assessor's office.  Please fill out as much information as possible. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the form to be processed.

Property Lookup

Orange County Imagemate The information provided is intended to assist you, but it is not meant to replace the personal service we pride ourselves on providing.

Tax Maps

Wawayanda Tax Maps

Beware of Property Tax Appeal Companies

Please beware of Property Tax Appeal Companies that are mass mailings Wawayanda Homeowners. The Tax appeal companies are  trying to have homeowners sign up to review the property assessment.  The companies will charge a large fee if you receive any reduction. In the fine print, there is also a $75 fee for an appraisal and a $30 court filing fee. Sometimes a penalty fee is also added if you decide to withdraw your case.

Please contact the Assessor’s Office before you sign anything. We have an open door policy. 845-355-5700 ext. 9. We will gladly review your assessment and property records with you and make any necessary adjustments.  It’s our job, and WE WON'T CHARGE YOU!

Another unnecessary expense is companies offering to obtain a copy of your deed for a  fee of $107. Again, contact the Assessor’s office. A copy of your deed is on file in our office. We can make a copy for you.

Manufactured Home Parks Registration (MHPR)

If you are the primary park contact for one or more manufactured home parks, you are required to register your park with NYS Tax and Finance twice each year, during June and during December. Link to NYS Mobile Home Park Registration.

You can also watch a short youtube video - How to Register your mobile home park.

FREE Fraud Alert Tool to Help Property Owners

The Orange County Clerk’s Office is providing a free new tool to help property owners protect one of their most valuable assets. With Fraud Alert, residents can sign up to receive alerts whenever a document, such as a deed or a mortgage, is recorded under your name. Documents can then be viewed online or at the Clerk’s Office. “This is an easy way for homeowners to have peace of mind at no cost to them,” said Deputy County Clerk Kelly Eskew. You can sign up for free at Please note there may be other property owners in the County that share the same name.

Exemption Forms and Information

All Exemption Forms are available online on the NYS Tax & Finance Website

How to Apply for The New Star Tax Credit Online
Renewal Enhanced Star: Form # RP‐425‐Rnw
Income Verification Form (Enhanced Only) Form # RP‐425‐IVP

Senior Citizens & Low Income:
Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property Form # RP‐467 of Senior Citizens (and for Enhanced School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption)

Alternate Veterans Exemption Form # RP‐458a
Cold War Veterans Exemption Form #RP‐458b

Volunteer Firefighters/ Ambulance Workers:
Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Workers:  Form # RP‐466‐f (Orange)

Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes Form # RP‐459‐c

Application for Tax Exemption of Solar or Wind Energy Systems or Farm Waste Energy Systems Form # RP-487
Agricultural Assessment Program Overview
Application for Tax Exemption for Agricultural Form # RP-305

You will need to contact Orange County Soil and Water Conservation - Click here for information

You will need to purchase a Soil Group Worksheet for you specific property
Soil Group Information Worksheet
Web Soil Survey - Maps

Are you turning 65 before December 31, 2025?

Are you turning 65 before December 31, 2025? Is your adjusted gross income(Federal Form 1040 line 8) less than $90,550? Is your home in Wawayanda your primary residence? If you answered yes to those 3 questions, please come in to the Town of Wawayanda Assessor’s Office before March 1, 2025. You may be eligible for The Enhanced Star Tax Exemption.
Please bring in the following:

Proof of age (a driver’s License or Birth Certificate )
Proof of Income (2021 federal tax return)
Application - Form RP-425-E
Supplemental Form - RP-425-IVP


Property Tax Credit Lookup Tool

New! Property Tax Credit Lookup Tool Property owners can use the new tool to view and print STAR and property tax relief credit information.

Register for the Star Credit

New York State has changed the laws for Star. If you purchased your home after March 2, 2015 you are not eligible for the STAR school property tax exemption, however you may register with New York State for the Personal Income Tax Credit/Check program. Please click here to Register. If you have any questions ABOUT YOUR STAR CHECK please call 518-457-2036.